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True – adjective: That which is accurate or exact.

I dare you to try.
I think you’re my truth.
Terrify me.
Marry me.
Marry me.
Marry me…

Four years ago, Logan Mitchell walked into Tate’s life and challenged him to see it differently.

He dared Tate to try a kiss, when normally he wouldn’t have.
He begged him to take a chance, when he probably shouldn’t have.
But most importantly, he asked Tate to trust that he would love him, and he did. From that moment on, Tate realized exactly what his…

The Weight Of It All

ISBN 10 : 1537561162
ISBN 13 : 9781537561165

After being dumped by his long-term boyfriend for being overweight, Henry Beckett decides to make some drastic changes. In a vain attempt at getting his boyfriend back, Henry does ..

Temptation Ridge

ISBN 10 : 9780778315827
ISBN 13 : 0778315827

Shelby McIntyre usually likes a straight-laced man, so she is thrown for a loop when she begins to fall for Blackhawk pilot Luke Riordan. Reissue...

Friends Lovers And Soulmates

ISBN 10 : 9780671505615
ISBN 13 : 0671505610

Addressing the crisis of intimacy in the black community today, an insightful guide provides tools and support needed in troubled relationships and deals with racial prejudices, th..

Getting His Man

ISBN 10 : 9781640800588
ISBN 13 : 1640800581

When his drug-dealing roommate gets him arrested, Artie needs a hero. August has always imagined himself as a hero from an old movie, and now that he has a man willing to let him p..

Devil S Kiss

ISBN 10 : 9781635761412
ISBN 13 : 1635761417

Fans of M/M romances will love this romance about two complete opposites who have a bond that they've kept secret for years...

The Odyssey

ISBN 10 : 0393089053
ISBN 13 : 9780393089059

A lean, fleet-footed translation that recaptures Homer's "nimble gallop" and brings an ancient epic to new life...

The Secret Circle The Temptation

ISBN 10 : 0062130455
ISBN 13 : 9780062130457

The Temptation is the spellbinding conclusion to New York Times bestselling author L. J. Smith's YA Secret Circle series, perfect for fans of the Beautiful Creatures series. As the..