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Investigative journalist Jacques Pauw exposes the darkest secret at the heart of Jacob Zuma’s compromised government: a cancerous cabal that eliminates the president’s enemies and purges the law-enforcement agencies of good men and women. As Zuma fights for his political life following the 2017 Gupta emails leak, this cabal – the president’s keepers – ensures that after years of ruinous rule, he remains in power and out of prison. But is Zuma the puppet master, or their puppet?…

Complot Tegen De President

ISBN 10 : 9789024579662
ISBN 13 : 902457966X

Complot tegen de president van Sam Bourne is een explosieve thriller over een moordcomplot tegen de tirannieke nieuwe president. Voor liefhebbers van House of Cards en Dan Brown. D..

Assessing The President The Media Elite Opinion And Public Support

ISBN 10 : 9780804779876
ISBN 13 : 0804779872

Do presidents inevitably lose support the longer they are in office? Does the public invariably rally behind presidents during international crises? What are the criteria by which ..

Who Speaks For The President

ISBN 10 : 081560632X
ISBN 13 : 9780815606321

In this text, W. Dale Nelson sheds light on the history of the presidential retreat Camp David. Using memoirs, archives and interviews, he relates how F.D. Roosevelt selected the s..

The Hunting Of The President

ISBN 10 : 9781466828735
ISBN 13 : 1466828730

When Hillary Clinton spoke of "a vast right-wing conspiracy" determined to bring down the president, many people dismissed the idea. Yet if the first lady's accusation was exaggera..

Science Advice To The President

ISBN 10 : 1412833671
ISBN 13 : 9781412833677

This is a provocative, behind-the-scenes introduction to the vital and complex role science plays in United States politics. It includes the first formal statement from former Pres..

The President

ISBN 10 : 0811455807
ISBN 13 : 9780811455800

Discusses the powers of the president, the office, roles, qualifications, and presidents who have changed the office...

George W Bush

ISBN 10 : 9780791484845
ISBN 13 : 079148484X

Essays on the first two years of the Bush presidency...

The President

ISBN 10 : 9781482861617
ISBN 13 : 1482861615

This is Lufrika, a place of gold! Here we walk on silver dust and our streets are paved with adorable precious ornaments, a place so endowed with unparalleled stunning weather, and..

The President

ISBN 10 : 0761414541
ISBN 13 : 9780761414544

This wide-ranging series now contains thirty-six books: four titles in each of six strands, addressing technology, earth science, space, government, American history, and the human..