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London S Hidden Rivers

ISBN 10 : 0711235546
ISBN 13 : 9780711235540

London has many rivers, but they are often hidden under centuries of development. Rivers like the Walbrook, the Fleet or the Westbourne have left their mark on the city, and still ..

London The Information Capital

ISBN 10 : 1846148472
ISBN 13 : 9781846148477

When do police helicopters catch criminals? Which borough of London is the happiest? Is "czesc" becoming a more common greeting than "salaam"? Geographer James Cheshire and designe..

The Island

ISBN 10 : 3791381571
ISBN 13 : 9783791381572

A masterpiece of imaginative cartography, artist Stephen Walter's detailed maps of London reveal much more about the city than its winding streets and historic buildings. Walter's ..

The Red Atlas

ISBN 10 : 9780226389578
ISBN 13 : 022638957X

Many know that the Soviet Military gathered incredible information during the Cold War, but revealed in these pages is evidence that they secretly, and largely successfully, mapped..

Mapping London

ISBN 10 : 1906155453
ISBN 13 : 9781906155452

Mapping London: Making Sense of the City is a beautiful, compelling anthology of over six centuries of London maps, tracing the mesmerising evolution of the city and exploring the ..

The Island

ISBN 10 : 3791383345
ISBN 13 : 9783791383347

Now available in a pull-out poster book, artist Stephen Walter's celebrated hand-drawn map of London is "as much a guide to history and folklore as it is to the geography of the ci..

Where The Animals Go

ISBN 10 : 0393634027
ISBN 13 : 9780393634020

"Beautiful and thrilling, a combination of the best in science and exposition, and a joy to study cover to cover."--Edward O. Wilson..