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Power Performance For Singers

ISBN 10 : 9780199880508
ISBN 13 : 0199880506

To perform well in today's highly competitive world where technical skills have been advanced to an unprecedented degree, a singer must be able to handle incredible pressure within..


ISBN 10 : 9781505557862
ISBN 13 : 1505557860

I don’t know how many times I have witnessed many of my friends and family members involved in happy, loving and committed relationships, sad and alone the next day. What could h..

Lifestyles For A Lifetime Health

ISBN 10 : 9781456742416
ISBN 13 : 1456742418

Lifestyle for a Lifetime reflects, instructs, and is a guidepost for implementing the rewards needed to live a healthy and productive life. The books foundation and pillars are bas..

Losing Everything

ISBN 10 : 1416580468
ISBN 13 : 9781416580461

In Losing Everything, his first book of nonfiction, acclaimed novelist David Lozell Martin tells his wildest, most outlandish story yet -- his own. One evening in the mountainous f..

Taming Our Monkey Mind

ISBN 10 : 1609255704
ISBN 13 : 9781609255701

In Taming Our Monkey Mind, Phyllis Krystal explains how we often allow ourselves to get trapped by our desires. She equates this behavior to the monkey jar or gourd. The fistful of..

The Walk On

ISBN 10 : 1449041795
ISBN 13 : 9781449041793

THE WALK-ON is a story about a young man and how he experiences the game of college basketball through his eyes, telling people what it is like going through the rigorous routine o..