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Written by Jared DiamondNew

Guns Germs And Steel

ISBN 10 : 9781448180202
ISBN 13 : 1448180201

**WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE** Over One Million Copies Sold Why has human history unfolded so differently across the globe? Jared Diamond puts the case that geography and biogeog..

ISBN 10 : 9789665215127
ISBN 13 : 9665215124


The Crisis In Economics

ISBN 10 : 9781134393015
ISBN 13 : 1134393016

Economics can be pretty boring. Drier than Death Valley, the discipline is obsessed with mathematics and compounds this by arrogantly assuming its techniques can be brought to bear..

Climate Wars

ISBN 10 : 9781509501632
ISBN 13 : 1509501630

Struggles over drinking water, new outbreaks of mass violence, ethnic cleansing, civil wars in the earth?s poorest countries, endless flows of refugees: these are the new conflicts..

Trading Nature

ISBN 10 : 9780824832810
ISBN 13 : 0824832817

In August 1803 two Russian ships, the Nadezhda and the Neva, set off on a round-the-world voyage to carry out scientific exploration and collect artifacts for Alexander I's ethnogr..

Death In A Global Age

ISBN 10 : 9781137292605
ISBN 13 : 1137292601

How do beliefs and rituals surrounding death vary depending on our culture? In what ways do different societies choose to mourn or celebrate their dead? Are attitudes and approache..

ISBN 10 : 9786171217423
ISBN 13 : 6171217425

Дослідження, що стало світовим бестселером № 1 за версією The New York Times та лідером продажів на, ..

The People S Health Public Health In Australia 1788 1950

ISBN 10 : 0313310904
ISBN 13 : 9780313310904

Using American and British systems as points of comparison, this study depicts the history of public health as an interplay between the internal development of ideas and practices ..

Introduction To The Mechanics Of Deformable Solids

ISBN 10 : 9781461440031
ISBN 13 : 1461440033

Introduction to the Mechanics of Deformable Solids: Bars and Beams introduces the theory of beams and bars, including axial, torsion, and bending loading and analysis of bars that ..

Earth System Science A Very Short Introduction

ISBN 10 : 9780191028953
ISBN 13 : 0191028959

When humanity first glimpsed planet Earth from space, the unity of the system that supports humankind entered the popular consciousness. The concept of the Earth's atmosphere, bios..