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Gamification Concepts Methodologies Tools And Applications

ISBN 10 : 9781466682016
ISBN 13 : 1466682019

Serious games provide a unique opportunity to engage students more fully than traditional teaching approaches. Understanding the best way to utilize games and play in an educationa..

Clinical Technologies Concepts Methodologies Tools And Applications

ISBN 10 : 9781609605629
ISBN 13 : 1609605624

"This multi-volume book delves into the many applications of information technology ranging from digitizing patient records to high-performance computing, to medical imaging and di..

Serious Games And Edutainment Applications

ISBN 10 : 9783319516455
ISBN 13 : 3319516450

With the continued application of gaming for training and education, which has seen exponential growth over the past two decades, this book offers an insightful introduction to the..

Geospatial Research Concepts Methodologies Tools And Applications

ISBN 10 : 9781466698468
ISBN 13 : 1466698462

Having the ability to measure and explore the geographic space that surrounds us provides endless opportunities for us to utilize and interact with the world. As a broad field of s..


ISBN 10 : 9783319455570
ISBN 13 : 3319455575

This compendium introduces game theory and gamification to a number of different domains and describes their professional application in information systems. It explains how playfu..

Gamification Based E Learning Strategies For Computer Programming Education

ISBN 10 : 9781522510352
ISBN 13 : 1522510354

Computer technologies are forever evolving and it is vital that computer science educators find new methods of teaching programming in order to maintain the rapid changes occurring..

Healthcare Ethics And Training Concepts Methodologies Tools And Applications

ISBN 10 : 9781522522386
ISBN 13 : 1522522387

The application of proper ethical systems and education programs is a vital concern in the medical industry. When healthcare professionals are held to the highest moral and trainin..