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Brave As

ISBN 10 : 0478229445
ISBN 13 : 9780478229448

Matt has a speech impediment and dreads having to give a speech in front the class...

As Brave As You

ISBN 10 : 9781481415910
ISBN 13 : 1481415913

"When two brothers decide to prove how brave they are, everything backfires--literally"--..

Brave As A Mountain Lion

ISBN 10 : 0395667607
ISBN 13 : 9780395667606

Despite his perfect scores on his spelling tests, Spider is frightened to enter the spelling bee contest and stand up on stage in front of people, but when Mom, Dad, and big brothe..

Donkey Is As Brave As You

ISBN 10 : 1614934797
ISBN 13 : 9781614934790

Children are brave and can do simple things to conquer real stress in their own ways. Little Sunny transfers her fears onto her stuffed Donkey but then imagines a happy, calm way f..

Brave As A Bunny Can Be

ISBN 10 : 9780931674464
ISBN 13 : 0931674468

A young rabbit, concerned that he is a "scaredy-bunny," sets out to prove his bravery by leaving his loving family and living on his own. *This is a story of courage, family love a..

Proud As A Peacock Brave As A Lion

ISBN 10 : 9781770491274
ISBN 13 : 1770491279

Much has been written about war and remembrance, but very little of it has been for young children. As questions come from a young grandchild, his grandpa talks about how, as a ver..

Brave As A Lion

ISBN 10 : 0582880564
ISBN 13 : 9780582880566